“It is no wonder that Danbury inmates were not given halfway house recommendations as the Second Chance Act dictates… they had to pay”

After she was informed by family about the latest scandal at The Danbury Federal Correctional Facility, this is her public response she asked to be blogged:

STACEY PETRO on 3/15/2014 9:22:58 PM wrote

“It is no  wonder that Danbury inmates were not given halfway house recommendations as the Second Chance Act dictates… they had to pay”
Hopefully all my criticism of the Federal Prison Camp Danbury will be taken a little more seriously now that Kisha Perkins, the camp counselor was arrested today on federal charges. She was offering to get inmates early release in exchange for $20,000. I have been in the appeal process for requesting 12 months community confinement placement because I wasn’t recommended any despite policy pointing to a 12 month recommendation. Then I came to FDC Philadelphia and my case manager recommends me for 12 months. Now I know why I didn’t get that in Danbury… I would have had to pay for it. This is going to cause ongoing issues, as a large number of inmates were possibly deprived reentry because they weren’t candidates for her scam???
The sad thing is she had a group of inmates who were getting benefits from her… access to computers and phones, etc. I hope they are investigated as they were probably recruiting. I was told by one such inmate that Perkins could have helped me with the recommendation when the inmate heard I was going through the appeal process. I didn’t even pursue it because I told her I didn’t want favor, I wanted the case manager to do her job.Google Kisha Perkins & Danbury… this is only the beginning…


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Mom of two, currently serving the last 12 months of my sentence in a halfway house and wanting to go home to my children.
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4 Responses to “It is no wonder that Danbury inmates were not given halfway house recommendations as the Second Chance Act dictates… they had to pay”

  1. Cambodia says:

    The dots are finally connecting for me. As a former Danbury inmate, all of the “allegations” are true based on the conversation I had personally with Perkins in her office when she was the “unit counselor”. There is so much corruption in that prison, I could write a book. When I ask to speak to any officer or administrator about problems and/or comments I had pertaining to this particular employee, they just turn their back to me, ignoring the real issue. I believe all of this could have been avoided if she actually did her job as a counselor and helped inmates instead of being a greedy condesending thing. After serving over 2 years in this facility, I knew no evil would go unnoticed. Let’s ask Kisha who’s “tail sticks up higher” now? Horrible representation of the federal government. I hope justice will be served.

    • whoistoblame says:

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for your experiences as well. As the FBI report stated, she is not found guilty yet. However, testimony such as yours reflects what we are hearing verbatim. It has also been the focus of the news this whole past week, with a former CO having been sentenced to 5 months for having sexual relations with an inmate *(which occurs often as well). Danbury has had another public event just like that some years back as well. the Warden is also “Google-able:” with multiple DUI offenses that have gone without punishment. As I told one very wonderful commenter on this site, there is a fine line between those incarcerated and those who are legally allowed to break and violate policies and laws. So we must be cautious when we pass judgement as well as note that this may also speak to prison reform. We are the most incarcerated country in the world. Does that mean then that we are the most criminal? Highly doubtful! That is not an accurate interpretation…It is our system that MUST be looked at and who is incarcerated, and why and how, and for how long and for what, etc… This must also be carefully and systematically changed.
      Thank you. Sincerely,
      ~The Site Administrator

  2. Laurie Simmons says:

    I too am a former inmate at the Federal Prison Camp at Danbury and am equally appalled, but not one bit surprised at the arrest of Kisha Perkins. Why am I not surprised? For the three years I was incarcerated at that facility, she had a posse of favorites surrounding her at all times. She was essentially a facilities manager and shamefully provided no counseling to inmates that would not provide her with information. I believe that Jamilla Davis ran a business out of her office and would urge the FBI to investigate. I’m sure that Kisha Perkins phone records and bank accounts would provide insight into this relationship. I worked for Ms. Perkins as an orderly and would often find Jamilla Davis and Ms. Perkins working on whatever business venture Ms. Davis was running. Its an appalling unconscionable example of just how corrupt the federal prison system can become when not properly supervised. Hopefully Ms. Perkins and her crimes will be thoroughly investigated and a just sentence meted out. Be appalled.

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