Open Letter: Female Slave Labor- Wanted in Philadelphia!

Open letter:

Dear Senator Blumenthal;


The Transfer of Inmate Stacey Petro, Reg # 17986-014,
Federal Institutional Correctional Facility- Camp
33 ½ Pembroke Rd.
Danbury, CT 06811

Senator Blumenthal, I am writing to you as I know that you were recently involved and supportive of blocking the transfer of inmates from Danbury Connecticut.

Mr. Marksee, Camp Administrator told my sibling, Ms. Petro, today that her very recent request to be transferred while she reattempts her appeal, (and to a similar camp located in Kentucky, in order for her to be closer to her two children who only just recently moved to Ohio with their father due to his employment) was denied so that she could fulfill the need for camp status inmates to work at a maximum security institution in Philadelphia. This smacks of slave labor, and right in the face of keeping families such as hers intact and healthy during an already highly traumatic situation. In her case, affecting her two young and school-aged children (ages 3 and 5) who will not be able to see her. This is a difference of what would have gone from a 60 minute drive in state, to a 3 ½ hour drive, and now to a forced 9 hour drive each way. She will now also be 4-5 hours away from in-state family, and without any personal support.

Additionally her initial judge, who served her an already excessive sentence, which she is attempting to appeal unsuccessfully, was gracious enough to recognize these important societal factors and granted her to attend the low security camp in Danbury. She should be afforded the samein her request for relocation. This is not 1930 and cheap labor is not a moral nor ethical reason to deny a request. Separation and isolation at an even more excessive level is also being conducted.

Ms. Petro has also brought to Camp administration’s attention many instances of unsafe situations and policies and practices which are not being enforced. She has also involved outside agencies where no internal response was received. We also question if her denial of transfer perhaps would have anything to do with whistleblower retaliation.

I am copying the Camp Warden and our State Congresswoman DeLauro also on this concern.


Tamara Petro, M.P.H.
Sibling and Professional,
Activist for Equality


About whoistoblame

Mom of two, currently serving the last 12 months of my sentence in a halfway house and wanting to go home to my children.
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