The Issue of Absolute Job Assurance over Duty and Justice?


I had the honor of reading some of the work done by Dr. Richard Cordero Esq which brings attention to the issue of judicial wrongdoing.
I am, myself awaiting appeal ( still as of this date NO RULING on the motion that was on the calendar for Jan 14th). While waiting, I have researched the case law cited by my judge and found significant misconduct that resulted in my being sentenced to a much higher sentence than a co-defendant that was deemed similarly situated.

When I reflect on statements Hon. Alfred Covello made, I ask myself how such a thing can happen.. and with apparently little recourse to correct it in a timely manner. Dr. Cordero hits the nail on the head when he points out that “once a person is confirmed as a federal judge or justice, he can rely on the secular assurance that he can do whatever he wants and nevertheless keep his job and do so while receiving a salary that cannot be diminished…Such effectively absolute job assurance regardless for performance renders superfluous any sense of duty and due diligence.”

Dr. Cordero also sites that in the 224 years since the Judiciary in 1789, only 8 federal judges have been impeached and removed. That figure is staggering and can certainly explain how the tragedies I witness everyday while imprisoned have come to be.
The question becomes now how can this be stopped??? Bringing attention to these issues in the public forum is critical, since relief in the legal system is fruitless as it is governed by the same arrogant parties. Nine out of  ten appeals are disposed of without any given reason whatsoever. I hope that the issues in my case can be brought to light – in public or in the courts, ideally both. This is also just one more aspect of much needed criminal justice reform in our country.

Dr. Cordero has invigorated my fight, which has been draining in the past days, weeks , and months now, of waiting for some bit of a relief.

Stacey Petro
reg # 17986-014
United States of America


About whoistoblame

Mom of two, currently serving the last 12 months of my sentence in a halfway house and wanting to go home to my children.
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