The Waiting Game…

I am overwhelmed by the support I have received in the past week. Please keep in mind that I am not the only one who faces this type of injustice. I am surrounded by many women who were not treated fairly, yet the appeals and post conviction process is often unsuccessful for them. It is a shame that through trial or plea bargaining attorneys and judges can proceed without regard for rule or policy, but when it comes to a defendant, their attempts to have their wrongs set right are often blocked by obscure procedural policies. Bringing attention to my case and others caught in this failing system can help start the change that is so desperately needed!

As of 11:00am this morning there is still no decision on whether my appeal is moving forward or not, but I still pray that it will be successful and this process can resume.

Thank you for your support !

Stacey Petro
reg # 17986-014
United States of America


About whoistoblame

Mom of two, currently serving the last 12 months of my sentence in a halfway house and wanting to go home to my children.
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